Even if you're from UP, you have to compete with other UP grads for the limited choice jobs that put you on the fast career track.

There will be thousands of job offerings by the time you graduate. But the entry level jobs that come with great starting salaries and excellent career prospects are few. For choice jobs, competition is tough, and only the most outstanding grads get interviewed and receive offers. Even UP grads still have to compete with outstanding grads from La Salle, Ateneo, and other reputable schools for these openings.

Xelectus helps you build an awesome digital profile to showcase your personality, passion and drive that makes you stand out from the rest.

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Happy or not in your present job, want to hear an offer you can't refuse?

OK, you’re happy where you are right now, and you’re not actively looking to switch. But are you willing to listen to an offer that you can’t refuse?

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How it works

We help you create your awesome e-profile

We display your e-profile in our Talent Bank which serves to introduce you to employers

Employers view your e-profile. If there’s mutual interest between an employer and you, we’ll provide the introductions, advocate for you, and help you land the job.

Our business is matching outstanding talents with exciting workplaces.