You're only one of 500,000 grads competing for great jobs this year.

How the heck do you get ahead of the pack?

Here's how: Xelectus will help you stand out and get noticed, ace your interviews, and land your first dream job after college.

Competition for choice jobs is very stiff. If you're applying with big firms and multinationals, you could be competing with top grads from UP, Ateneo, and La Salle.

Many employers will not even bother to acknowledge your application. You may not even get interviewed. Or even if you do, that could be the last you’d hear from them.

Xelectus will improve your chances dramatically, and put you way, way ahead of the competition. Think you’re already good? We can make you even better.

  How we do this

Resume and Video

No way you'll get noticed if your resume looks like the rest. Send it to us and we'll help you build one that will stick to a recruiter's mind longer than  epoxy. 
Additionally, we'll create a short video that showcases your positive personality profile, communication skills, and overall "presence."
It's a vibrant visual profile that will make the recruiter want to interview you ahead of others.

  Mock Interviews

Next, we’ll have mock interviews (over google or Viber, or skypes) and practice answering those tricky questions your interviewers will throw at you. 
Not to worry. Our rigorous online preparation will arm you with the confidence to meet their questions - even the clever off base questions designed to trip you  - directly, honestly, and convincingly.

 Test Preparation

Highly selective employers may subject you to a battery of tests to ascertain your personality traits, motivation, analytical thinking abilities, communication skills, and other "soft skills."  
Have no fear. After our intensive test preparation, the questions in those tests will be a piece of cake.

There’s just not enough great jobs loaded with excellent career advancement opportunities and generous pay packages for all of you. That’s why competition is tough. 

You really need an edge to get ahead and leave the pack behind you. 


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